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Dahlia Award Recipient

Congratulations Cheri on being a Dahlia Award recipient!

“Cheri is a great person. She helps people in need with all kinds of stuff. She brings us snacks for group out of her own pocket. Cheri understands the struggle we go through, she cares. I could go on and on. She is a good person is all I am saying.”

The Dahlia Award is an award specific to nurses at Tower Behavioral Health. Nominees are received from patients and/or fellow staff. Awards are given bi-annually in December and June to exemplary nurses that portray the following criteria:

  • Models empathy and demonstrates a caring attitude in all situations
  • Demonstrates extraordinary clinical skills in the delivery of compassionate patient care
  • Positive attitude and demonstrates professionalism
  • Exemplifies the mission, vision, and values of Tower Behavioral Health

Dahlia Meaning

D: Dedication

A: Accountability

H: Healing

L: Leadership

I: Integrity

A: Attitude

The six letters of Dahlia coincide with Tower Behavioral Health’s 12 standards of behavior. Dahlias have a rich symbolism for love, involvement, commitment, and kindness. They are also tied to steadfastness, due to their ability to bloom after many other flowers have died. Email Jennifer.Schemberg@towerhealth.com to nominate a Dahlia Award recipient. 

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