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Maria Picciotti

Director of Outpatient Services

With an impressive 25-year tenure in social work, Maria Picciotti has cultivated a deep understanding of the field. Before stepping into her role at Tower Behavioral Health (TBH) as the ACT Director of Clinical Services in 2020, Maria’s career has been rich in its diversity, with experiences spanning from case management to individual, couples, and group therapy. Maria has demonstrated her expertise in crisis intervention, suicide prevention, and pivotal program development, with significant undertakings in staff supervision and budget management within community mental health settings.

Maria’s commitment is evident in her genuine appreciation for personal client interactions. She champions a person-centered, strength-based approach, ensuring that care is tailored to individual needs while anchored by a solid program foundation. This approach has proven effective at TBH, as Maria has seen its positive impact in both inpatient and outpatient contexts. Now, as the Director of Outpatient Services, Maria is poised to elevate TBH’s outpatient programs, aiming for a holistic and consistent approach to care.

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