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Mary Kramer

Administrative Assistant/BHA

Mary started working in behavioral and mental healthcare right out of high school in 2017 as a Psych tech in an area emergency department.  She transitioned to multiple different roles within the healthcare and emergency services fields but knew that one day she wanted to work in mental healthcare again. In 2021 Mary started working for TBH in the Partial Program. What is unique about Mary’s position (and the thing she truly loves) is being dually trained as an Administrative Assistant and a Behavioral Health Associate, so she is able to run a group at Partial and also works in the main hospital as needed on different patient units.  Mary is certified in Mental Health First Aid and is able to provide a safe, empathetic space for patients to process when needed. Mary takes pride in being able to validate and make sure patients’ needs are met. She is always looking for new learning opportunities to help her gain more experience in the field.

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